Best Feature Film

Best Narrative Feature

". . . the movie commands one’s attention from start to finish, due in no small part to the strong performances from leads Tom Kemnitz Jr. and particularly Jennifer Faith Ward."

"Jennifer Faith Ward and Tom Kemnitz Jr as Maggie and Jonah respectively are incredibly engaging and breathe life into their characters in way that reminds us of early Cassavetes."

"Simone features strong performances from its co-leads, Jennifer Ward and Erin Nicole Cline. Ward exudes both a sense of f***ed up menace and vulnerability, no small achievement. It's easy to see quite early on that there's much more going on, yet Ward keeps us watching her because it's also clear that this is a woman who is, on some level, trying really hard to overcome whatever it is she's dealing with in life."

"While the entire ensemble cast is strong, much of the credit for the film's success goes to Jennifer Faith Ward for a performance that is complex, intuitive and heartbreaking in its sensitivity and insight. Ward gives the kind of performance that makes you realize that there's much more going on here but is shaded enough to never let you know what it is until you're supposed to know."

Jennifer Faith Ward

"Noticeably, her relatable traits ensures audiences will be rooting for Jennifer in her many facades on screen."

"SIMONE is a one person vehicle. In the titular role, Jennifer Ward is quite good. Actually she's pretty damn fantastic. She really relays all of the confusion, fear, and dread that the character calls for."

 "Jennifer Ward is so versatile, she can do any role handed to her. From comedy to horror and she also pulls double duty as our first AD. Again she is an asset to all we do."

Feature Film - Dramatic

"It’s about Simone waking up and slowly recalling the events of the night before. With this the filmmakers do an excellent job of slowly piecing together the puzzle that confronts Simone, who is played quite superbly by Jennifer Ward."

"The Happiest Place on Earth centers on a time in Maggie’s life that is simply heartbreaking. Living her life at that point was both the best and worst experience of making the film. It was gratifying as an actor to have the opportunity to dive into such meaty material. On the other hand there was certainly an emotional toll that was paid in order to do so."

Best Florida Feature Film

"The film is beautifully shot (by Jerry Orzel) and edited, the acting is good and Jennifer Ward does an amazing job as Simone."

 Best Director:  Feature

Best Actress:  Feature

Best Cinematography:  Feature

Best Editing:  Feature

"It helps, of course, for a film to possess performances that complement its ambiguity and Ambiguous Figure is gifted with two strong performances from young Jessica Cheek, the perfect weaving of innocence with a bit of a twinkle in the eyes, and Jennifer Ward, whose performance manages to ride that line (Is there a line?) between disturbing and disturbingly normal."